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C.A.I.R Rhodes- Silk Rose




Variety:Mandilaria , Chardonnay, Muscat Trani .

Vineyard:Specially selected old mountainous Mandilari vineyards of low yield that are cultivated on mount Atavyros . Selected Chardonnay grapes from contracted growers . Inclined Muscat Trani vineyards from western Rhodes.

Production:30.000 bottles

Character: An impressive satin feel , with a bright rose colour and enchanting aromas of red ripe fruits of strawberry and buries in a background of roses with jasmine hints. Fruity mouth with a fine intense flow of bubbles that refresh the palate.

Harmony: Silk Rose D/S at 6-8oC in a flute. After enjoying the wine on its own , appreciate its depth of flavours when paired with fruits tarts , savoury bites or with gourmet cheeses that their characteristics complement the floral and fruity notes of the sparkling wine.

Alcohol Content: 12,5%

Packaging 750ml,200ml