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Cavino-Deus Natural Semisparkling Rosato




Varieties: Syrah 100%

Type: Natural semi-sparkling wine, semi-sweet red

Vineyards: Mountains of Egialia, altitude 800 meters

Period of vine harvest: Late September



The grapes are carefully gathered and handled. Marc extraction for 48 hours extraction at low temperature. Alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts at low temperatures in sealed tanks. When the right balance is achieved, alcoholic fermentation is interrupted by intense cooling.


The character

Reddish bright colour with intensely violet hues. Robust bouquet of cherry, violet, roses. Its taste achieves a unique balance between sweet (of the grape sugars) and fine dioxide pearl (produced by alcoholic fermentation). The mouth is also intense and fruity, giving place to a feeling of freshness. May be consumed alone as a dessert wine, or accompany fruit salads or creamy desserts.