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Roditis is the name for a Greek family of pink-red grape clones. The name Roditis (sometimesRhoditis) is in reference to the island of Rhodes, though the grape is most commonly associated with the Peloponnese region. Members of the Roditis family may be light pink through to medium red, making it very versatile as a blending agent. In the Anhialos and Atticaappellations it is blended with Savatiano and produced as a dry, white wine.

The variety ripens late in the season and is suited to a Mediterranean climate. In fertile areas, Roditis can be prone to overcropping and low yields are encouraged by the Onomasia Proelefseos Anoteras Piotitos (Greek appellationcontrol).

Synonyms include: Rhoditis.

Popular blends include: Moschofilero – Roditis.

Food matches include:
Europe: Stuffed tomatoes (yemistes) topped with pan-fried Greek cheese (saganaki)
Asia: Shrimp dumpling
Americas: Southern fried chicken wings
Africa/Middle East: Eggplant dip (moutabal or baba ghanoush)