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Domain Spiripoulos Wines - Orino White





Mantinia Estate

Careful cultivation, harvesting and processing of the Moschofilero and Roditis grapes from upland vineyards in the Peloponnese region result in a unique and richly characteristic product. Explosively aromatic, ORINO, with its characteristic notes of rose on the palate and the subtle fruitiness of green apple, peach and banana flavors.

Alcohol content (%vol)

12 % vol

Residual sugar (gr/lt)

1.3 gr/lt

Acidity (gr/lt tartaric acid)

5.47 gr/lt



Volatile acidity (gr/lt acetic acid)

0.2 gr/lt

Total SO2 (mgr/lt)

80 mgr/lt

Free SO2 (mgr/lt)

28 mgr/lt