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Argyriou "Erohos white"







ASSYRTIKO.This variety is often described as Greece's best white winegrape. It has the ability tomaintain its acidity as it ripens. It yields a bone-drywine that has citrus aromas mixed with an earthy,mineral aftertaste. The wines have a fruity taste andcomes in many styles depending to the methods usedin its production. RODITISis the base for hundreds of modest andeveryday white wines. This is perhaps the reasonthat the variety has been often characterized as“humble”. In actual fact, however,Roditis is neithera white variety, since its berries’ skin color veers to the reddish,noris it “humble” since, under the rightconditions, it can yield distinct and excellent wines.Moreover, given the fact that its wines are

modestly priced, Roditis submits its candidacy to benominated as the best “value for money” variety ofthe Greek vineyard.Sauvignon Blancis a light to medium-bodied, crisp and refreshing white wine with notableacidity, offers a fairly wide range of flavors.Greek producers has taken this grape to new heights in the cool mountain regions, producing racy wines with tropical fruit and gooseberry flavors.







Grapes Variety : 50% Assyrtiko, 30% Sauvignon Blanc& 20% Roditis

Colour:Straw yellow in color with green highlights. Aroma:Vibrant yellow fruit aromas , citrus,melon,pineapples.Taste:Elegant full bodied wine,spft texture, wellbalanced with high acidity and medium-longaftertaste.

Vineyard:Located in Parnassos hills in such

position that are protected from the cold north

winds.Altitude 550m.Soft winters and dry,fresh

summers.Way of vinification:After sorting the grapes, regarding Roditis and Assyrtiko they go directly for pressing but Sauvignon Blanc follows the method of extraction pre-fermentation for 12 hours and then the fermentation takes place separately for each variety. The final step is blending and then maintenance of the wine in stainless steel tanks for two months before bottling.

Alcohool: 13%Best Served: 08-10 C



Suggested cuisine



Saigon pancakes,tuna tartar,grilled and fried fish or calamari,

seafood ,white meats,greensalads, rice with shrimps, pasta with white sauces,oysters&shellfish,mild cheeses& tropical fruits.