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"Argyriou Malagouzia"







Malagousiavariety is and ancient Greek white

variety.Ιt was lost for many years and now many

producers starts to recultivate it since  it has vast

potential for producing high quality wines. It is

found mainly in Macedonia in Northern Greece .It is

an especially aromatic grape leading to elegant full

bodied wines, with medium acidity and exciting

aromas of exotic fruits, citrus,melon and pineapple

withlongaftertaste .






Grapes Variety : 100% Malagouzia

Colour:Soft yellow-green colors

Aroma:Vibrant yellow fruit aromas , citrus,melon

pineapples and lemon.

Taste:Elegant full bodied wine, with medium

acidity and long, fresh aftertaste.

Vineyard:Located in Parnassos hills in such

position that are protected from the cold north

winds.Altitude 550m.Soft winters and dry,fresh


Way of vinification:Further to skin contact, to

enhance the extraction of aromas it is fermented in

stainless steel tanks the alcoholic fermentation of the juice to classified temperatures.and then matured on lees for two months gaining depth offlavour and floral aromas.

Alcohool: 12%Best served: 8-10 CPH: 3.52gr/ltYield per hectare:100hkg/haTotal Acidity: 6.9gr/ltRecidual sugar:0.26/gr/lt






Saigon pancakes,tunatartar,grilled and fried fish, fish soup, seafood ,white meat (as chicken),green salads, lobster pasta, pasta with white sauces,Chinese or Rice noodles with chicken or shrimps with egg &vegetables, mild cheese and tropical fruits,fried banana with honey.